What is SaidHere?


SaidHere allows people from around all corners of the earth to interact across geographical distances through the medium of real-time public geolocated messages.

Can anyone use it?


All you need to use SaidHere is an internet connection and a mobile smart phone, you alos need to have either a Facebook or Google+ account to be able to sign in.

What's a SaidHere Message?


A SaidHere message is any message posted to SaidHere which may contain text, photos or videos. Once you've signed in, just type your first Message in the upload box.

Why a choice between Public or Private Message?


With SaidHere you can either send messages privately to any person of choice and will only be seen once that person reaches the same location where the content has been created. Or messages can be sent publicly so that the entire world can view it and interact with the original thread by commenting or sharing the original content further.

How do I find people to message?


You can search for friends inside the app that are currently on your friend list from Facebook, or you can go directly to a random user profile and direct send a message to them from there.

What does it mean to comment someones message?


Commenting to someones message means you've chosen to publicly or privately allow them to see and to comment in return on their or you own original messages. When you do so every time they comment with a new message, it will appear on bellow your own messages or comments.

How do I know who is commenting to my Messages?


When someone comments to your message you will see their comment below your original message or bellw other users comments on the page where your intital and original message is shown on top above all comments made. You will also see the user profile image of the users that have commented and you can press their name/image to go to their profile page.

How can I post messages to SaidHere?


In the app you can press the icon that takes you to the upload page, there you can choose what type of media you want to publsih, text, images or video. Once you fill out or choose media type you can then also share your message on Facebook or Twitter at the same time and choose if the message should be posted publicly or sent privately to any specific user of choice.

Can I put my SaidHere messages on my website?


No. At the moment we have not enabled content to be published outside of SaidHere other than through the sharing option either to your own Facebook and Twitter account.

Can I edit a Message once I've posted it?


No, you can’t edit a message once you have posted it, and you can not delete it.

Why can't I see all my messages? Are they lost?


We store all your messages. Navigate to your profile page to view your most recent messages in your profile timeline.

How do I post a picture or video to SaidHere?


Uploading and sharing images and videos on SaidHere is easy! Simply go to the upload page, choose media type and follow instructions.

How do I report spam or block users?


We encourage you to always inform us of acts taht are not approved by out Terms Of Servce, kindly contact us at support@saidhere.info and inform us of which user you wish to block any spammers you find you wish to report. 

Why are accounts suspended?


Accounts are suspended for Terms of Service violations or spam investigation. Read more about this here.

Where can I find out more information about SaidHere's Terms of Service?


SaidHere's Terms of Service is posted on the website here

How do I submit a complaint about copyright, impersonation, trademark, or other Terms of Service issues?


Review our Terms of Service section here to find out what constitutes a violation, and how to go about fixing a related problem.

Having trouble?


Contact us on support@saidhere.info for solutions to common problems.