What's SaidHere?

SaidHere is an exciting manner of communicating through the means of Social Sharing with Geo-Location based tags and messages. It is all about enabling people to reach out to their friends and the world in general.

Everybody can use SaidHere to leave geotagged messages, videos or pictures in any physical location world-wide. Content can be transmitted with two different settings;

* Privately to any person of choice and will only be seen by the recipient once that person arrives within a geofence set around the location from where the information was sent.

* Publicly so that the entire world can view it and interact with the original information by commenting and sharing the original message with others.

SaidHere is
everywhere you go!


Real Space-Time Connectedness

SaidHere allows people from around all corners of the earth to interact across geographical distances through real-time Social Sharing with Geo-Location based tags and messages.

Knowing where, when and whom said or did something, is the most powerful state of awareness that mankind can enjoy in the modern cultural evolution.

With SaidHere you can follow events far away as they unfold, increase your consciousness towards your surroundings, engage with humanity on a level unmatched by any other platform.

Say something & leave it somewhere!

Sending location based messages to your friends and family enables you to relate something conditionally, you share something, somewhere, set a geofence and let the recipient chose the time when they want to arrive at the location to view and interact with the content.

SaidHere enables you to reach out from any location you are in at the present, you can leave a piece of your thoughts behind that can be accessed only by the recipient of your own choice in that same place either in the future or simultaneously if they are within the established geofence.

Added value through mobile geofencing

SaidHere geolocation features offers persons and businesses an innovative Location Based Advertisisng platform through which they can engage their surrounding and audience and target specific recipients of their messages be them individuals or current and potential customers.

SaidHere geofences are set around specific locations like shops, events or venues which gives anyone an effective tool for effective marketing and promotional acitivities.

Privacy for user location data!

SaidHere takes Privacy issues very seriously. While our system collects and holds position data, it dose so only for the sole purpose of using it for immediate searches & communications within our database.

As a user-centric location-based service, our application gives the user control of the experience by enabling user profile privacy settings in our mobile application interface.

We use several technical approaches to protect privacy, such as using privacy-enhancing and simplistic on/off switches for privacy settings. If you have any concerns relating to your privacy feel free to conact us!



You SaidHere?

Our mobile app is a great way to enjoy social communications near your current location and worldwide..

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